Military Wake Service Commemorating Those Who Sacrificed for Our Freedom

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Losing a family member is never easy. If he or she is a Veteran, they deserve to be recognized for their service to our great nation. Their sacrifice and service should be honored with a traditional military wake, military calling hours, and military funeral.

But a military calling hours demands certain rules of conduct. That's where Taps Our Duty comes in.

How Our Military Wake Service Helps You Respect Your Loved One's Service

When setting up funeral arrangements for the Veteran, let the funeral director know that you want Taps Our Duty to provide a proper military calling hours. We work directly with the funeral home to set up a respectful and proper viewing area around the casket. This creates a sacred space honoring the Veteran.

Furthermore, you can let the director know that a floral spray is not needed for the casket. Proper military protocol is that the flag provided by the Veterans Administration be laid out on the casket.

We provide a sanctuary outfitted with properly arranged flags and seals associated with the departed Veteran's branch of service. Military music is played in the background.

And the family receives a triangle flag holder along with a flag holder for the grave marker. Diplomatic-style flags will be provided for the processional vehicles for the trip to the cemetery.

What You Can Expect From Our Military Wake Service

Here what Taps Our Duty will do to set up your loved one's sacred space:

  • Set up to six standing American flags.
  • Lay down a 4 x 6 area mat in front of the casket or urn embedded with a 44-inch service seal of the Veteran's branch of service.
  • Place one American flag and one service branch flag, each with gold fringe, behind the casket or urn.
  • Play military music in the background.
  • Place six artillery rounds/naval shells in front of and around the casket or urn.
  • Velour ropes color-coded with the appropriate branch: red for Marine, green for Army, blue for Navy, Air Force, and Coastguard.
  • Up to six service flags and American flags placed in diplomatic style for the hood of the vehicle for the first six cars of the procession.

We will also provide a triangle shadow flag box and Veteran's flag stand for the cemetery, so that a flag may be placed every Memorial Day. We provide these at no charge to families, along with honor pins, in appreciation for using our service.

Contact us today to make sure your loved one is properly honored for their military service.

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