Honor Fellow Veterans with a Highly Profitable Taps Our Duty Franchise

If you're a Veteran looking for a part time business that's fulfilling and profitable, then Taps Our Duty may be for you. With a Taps Our Duty franchise, you will honor fellow Vets and their families. You'll enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule. And bringing home excellent money.

Taps Our Duty is a Certified New York State Veteran-owned business. It can bring you extra income with the flexibility of being your own boss. And you don't have to worry about starting a new business from scratch. A Taps Our Duty franchise is a safe, low risk alternative.

Leverage our established reputation and proven configuration for the ultimate military tribute. And help family and friends pay their respects to a deceased Veteran's military sacrifice.

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Taps Our Duty considers military service a higher calling. One that deserves recognition at a Veteran's wake. But funeral homes aren't equipped to properly organize military tributes. They don't have the supplies or the training.

Funeral directors tell us no one else is providing this service. And families are grateful when they're informed about this honorable, moving experience. Now you have the opportunity to provide this unique service in your community.

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