Every Military Service Member Deserves a Military Tribute

While attending wakes for many Veterans our CEO, retired Command Master
Chief Mark Williamson, always felt something was missing. Having served for 23
years of active duty and seeing firsthand the courage, selflessness, and sacrifices
our soldiers make, he felt a personal and solemn obligation to offer them the
military wake they so rightly deserve.

Though local funeral homes can help with a military funeral, they may not be
equipped to provide the military calling hours.

That's why families turn to Taps Our Duty for a proper military wake. We will
honor your loved one with:

  • American Flags.
  • Flags, seals, and memorabilia of the Veteran's branch of service: Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coastguard.
  • Velour ropes color-coded to the Veteran's branch of service.
  • Carpet in front of the casket or urn embedded with the service seal.
  • War-time flags if appropriate: World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.
  • Military music.
  • Free shadow box, flag stand, and honor pins to be presented to each family.

We work with your funeral director to coordinate a respectful and proper
viewing. All for the cost of a bouquet of flowers!

Call us today if you're planning a military funeral and have questions about the
wake. Or would like to book a military tribute.

We Owe Our Service Members a Debt of Gratitude

"I attended a wake and funeral for a brother Vietnam Veteran last month (John
Daniels) and I was inspired by the military arrangement displayed at the funeral
home. The arrangement of dedicated memorabilia including service flags and rug
of the designated service of the deceased veteran is truly a solemn display
designed to pay the ultimate tribute to a deceased veteran."

Thomas Buono, President VVA Chapter 944

"On behalf of the CNY Chapter 490 Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USA, I
thank Mark Williamson for the use of his Taps Our Duty Military Tribute Service
and for providing his services at the wake and funeral of a loyal member of our
military veterans' organization. The Taps Our Duty service provided the
presentation of Military Honors and provided the proper Tribute to our member, a
proud U. S. Marine Corps Veteran and a Purple Heart Recipient of the Vietnam
War. I highly recommend the Service."

Joseph T. Faccola, Commander, CNY Chapter 490

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We named Taps Our Duty, LLC after the somber tune penned by Utica native, Major General Daniel A. Butterfield. It means what it says, we work to pay the ultimate tribute to our deceased Veterans.